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              "AQUARIUM EDEN"

Aquarium Eden

 We are professionally engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing a big range of aquarium products many years. We can supply the following products for different area standards:

1. Aquarium (Glass Aquarium, Acrylic Aquarium...);

2. Aquarium Lighting System (Metal Halide Lighting, Power Compact Fluorescent Lighting and T5, T8 Fluorescent Lighting, HO T5 and T8 lighting, Submersible lighting, Submersible LED lighting, Hangon Lighting, Color lighting tube, etc.);

3. Aquarium Filters (Internal or submersible filter, External or Canister Filter, Hangon Filter);

4. Aquarium Pump (Powerhead, Water pump, Submersible pump, Fountain pump, Pond pump);

5. Air pump (AC air pump, AC/DC air pump, Battery air pump);

6. Heater;

7. New Item; Glowing Jellyfish, Wonderful decorations for your aquariums or water place!!


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