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 We are professionally engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing a big range of aquarium products many years. We can supply the following products for different area standards:

1. Aquarium (Glass Aquarium, Acrylic Aquarium...);

2. Aquarium Lighting System (Metal Halide Lighting, Power Compact Fluorescent Lighting and T5, T8 Fluorescent Lighting, HO T5 and T8 lighting, Submersible lighting, Submersible LED lighting, Hangon Lighting, Color lighting tube, etc.);

3. Aquarium Filters (Internal or submersible filter, External or Canister Filter, Hangon Filter);

4. Aquarium Pump (Powerhead, Water pump, Submersible pump, Fountain pump, Pond pump);

5. Air pump (AC air pump, AC/DC air pump, Battery air pump);

6. Heater;

7. Protein Skimmer;

8. UV Sterilizer;

9. Filtration materials (Active carbon, Quartz rings, Ceramic rings, Bio-balls, Sponge, Filter wool, Zeolite, Lava stone...);

10. Decorations and Ornaments {Colorized sands or gravels, Poly Resin ornaments (Hard or Soft Resin or Polyurethane Corals; bridges; hills; Castle; Ship wreck; root; Frog; and back board.......), Plastic and silk plants and mats and water Lily, Plastic background pictures, Plastic fishes...};

11. Aquarium Accessories {Magnetic Brush or Cleaner; Sponge Filter; CO2 diffuser; Siphon Gravel Cleaner; Fish Hatchery; Fish net; Aquarium Scraper or Brush; Aquarium Tong; Plastic air tube; Undergravel Filter Board; Air Stones; Air Control Valve; Check Valve; Air Divider with Switch; Air Curtain;}


With our constant efforts and passions to the aquarium and aquatic life, We will manufacture and supply more beautiful aquarium products and good service with our unique idea, and share them with our customers worldwide.

In the same time, we are looking forward to cooperating with the customers from all over the world! let us growing together and co-create bright business future!



Company Name: Guangzhou Tiray Aquarium Technology Co., Ltd PRC

Office Address: 2nd Floor, No. 6~7, Ruili Garden, Huangqi Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China. (On the border of Guangzhou and Foshan, near Guangzhou airport.) Postcode: 528248.

Tel: 0086-757-85956618, Fax: 0086-757-85956558

Factory Address: No 2, North Min'an Road, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan,Guangdong Province, China

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